Fundamentals of IT Process Automation with NetIQ Aegis 3.1
Course 9518

What products or services are being covered?

  • NetIQ Aegis and NetIQ AppManager are covered.

What are you teaching students about the products or services?

  • Automation is the key to efficiency and consistency when delivering IT services. Fundamentals of IT Process Automation with NetIQ Aegis is a three-day course that will help you gain the proficiency you need to develop automated processes for your IT organization. In this course, you will learn about the NetIQ Aegis lifecycle, how to use the Workflow Designer, and process revision control, in order to manage, maintain and make decisions with NetIQ Aegis.
  • In addition, students learn how to manage, maintain and make decisions with Aegis. Through discussion, examples, and lab exercises with real world content, you will learn how to identify and create notification workflow processes, set user and permission sets, and handle basic Aegis troubleshooting.

What should a student be able to do after finishing the course?
Through discussion, examples, and lab exercises with real world content, you will be enabled to:

  • Discuss the basic Aegis architecture
  • Identify and Install the Aegis components
  • Identify, design, and create workflows to address real-world business problems.
  • Create basic integrations using NetIQ Aegis adapters and activities.
  • Create and execute a process.
  • Identify scheduling and triggering.
  • Set user and permission sets.
  • Add decision support activities.
  • Handle basic NetIQ Aegis troubleshooting.
  • List and discuss the NetIQ Aegis adapters

Course Information

Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom, Classroom

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Level: Beginner

Key Objectives

After this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the basic Aegis architecture
  • Install Aegis components
  • Identify basic steps in a workflow process
  • Describe how Activities, Connectors, and Triggers are used in the Workflow Designer to implement a Workflow in an Aegis Process
  • Use the Aegis Operations Console
  • Use the Aegis Configuration Console
  • Test and debug processes, insert breakpoints, and review the inputs and outputs of activities
  • Discuss communications options
  • Add decision support activities

Audience Summary

This class is designed for NetIQ Aegis administrators and system administrators.

Course Outline

1 – Welcome and Introductions

•     Classroom Environment

•     Agenda

•     What is Aegis

•     Features

•     How Aegis Works

2 – Aegis Architecture

•     Overview

•     Aegis Application Credentials

•     Supported Configurations

•     Data Flows

•     Installing Aegis Components in a Cluster Environment

•     Installing Database Server Components in a Cluster Environment

•     NetIQ AppManager Integration Adapter

3 – Designing Aegis Workflows

•     Process Components

•     Process Example

•     Existing Manual Processes

•     Work Items

•     Managing Resources

•     Designing a Workflow

•     Instructor-Led Exercise: Workflow Design Session

4 – Creating a Workflow

•     Workflow Template

•     Anatomy of the Workflow Designer

•     Activities

•     Understanding Events

•     Base Events

•     Named Events

•     Input Builder

•     Work Item Attributes

•     Using the Configuration Console

•     Connectors

5 – Operations Console

•     Using the Aegis Operations Console

−          Event View

−          My Notifications View

−          Work Item Properties View

−          Work Item View/Edit Comments View

−          Workflow View

−          Related Events View

−          Supported Analysis View

6 – Additional Configuration Console Tasks

•     Process Revisions

•     Scheduling and Triggers

•     Checking a Time Range in a Workflow

•     Debugging a Workflow

•     Regular Expressions

7 – NetIQ Aegis Activities

•     Aegis Tasks

•     Communications

•     User Input Form

•     Supporting Analysis

8 – Configuring Aegis Security

•     Managing Users and Groups

•     Default Groups

•     Understanding User and Group Synchronization

•     Managing Permission Sets

•     Security Concepts

•     Input Form Security

•     Process and Folder Security

9 – Workflow Error Handling, Troubleshooting, and Debugging

•     Workflow Error Handling

•     Hands-on Lab: Adding Workflow Error Handling

•     Log Files

•     Workflow Troubleshooting Utilities

•     Importing the Troubleshooting Example Workflows

•     Exporting a Workflow

•     Troubleshooting Process

•     Getting Help with Aegis Workflows

10 – Extending Aegis

•     Knowledge Depot

•     Hands-on Lab: Using Custom Activities and Workflows

•     NetIQ Aegis Adapters

•     Installing Adapters

•     Installing the AppManager Adapter (optional)

11 – About NetIQ Module

•     Contact NetIQ

12 – Appendix A: Adapter Activities and Events

•     AppManager Activities

•     AppManager Events

•     Security Manager Activities

•     Security Manager Events

•     Secure Configuration Manager Activities

•     Secure Configuration Manager Events

13 – Appendix B: Activity Help Reference

Course Prerequisites

Students should have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems and SQL Server.