NetIQ® Advanced Authentication Framework™ Essentials
Course 9288

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework:

  • Makes the authentication process easy and secure (no complex passwords, “secret words”, etc.)
  • Prevents unauthorized use of your computer
  • Protects you from fraud, phishing and similar illegal actions online
  • Can be used to provide secure access to your office

Course Information

Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom, Classroom

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Level: Beginner

Key Objectives

  • Discuss the basics of multifactor authentication methods, define the basics of NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework (AAF)
  • Discuss the Basic architecture, explain the Enterprise architecture, describe the Enterprise with Load Balancer architecture
  • Define the terms used in AAF, describe how to set up NetIQ Server Appliance Mode, install the NAAF Appliance
  • Set up NetIQ Server Appliance Mode, setup a virtual machine, install the NAAF Appliance, explain the Enroll Methods

Audience Summary

Administrators, installers, help desk, engineers with basic understanding of networking and systems

Course Outline

1.  Introduction

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Materials Used in Class
  • Classroom Environment
  • What is NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework?
  • How Advanced Authentication Framework Works

2.  Advanced Authentication Architecture

  • Basic Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise with Load Balancer
  • Terms
    • Authentication Method
    • Authentication Chains
    • Authentication Event
  • Setting up NetIQ Server Appliance Mode

3.  NAAF Installation and Configuration

  • Setting up a virtual machine
  • Installing the NAAF Appliance
  • Set up the NetIQ Server Appliance Mode
  • Set up of the DB Slave and Member servers
  • NetIQ Admin Interface
  • Enroll Methods

4.  Admin Portal

  • Events
  • Policies
  • Server Options
  • User Enrollment

5.  NAAF Extra Demo

  • NAM Demo
  • Other Enrollments

Course Prerequisites